This page is about my Cornwall and Devon origins, based around the village of  Callington

On a thundery June night in 1947, I was born in the ancient Cornish town of Callington, in the south-east of the lovely county of Cornwall, and lived there from 1947 to 1965, until my family became part of the modern-day "economic migration".....   Beautiful County, shame about the jobs and pay - but I hear it's getting better in places !  I live in  Dorset  now, happily still with Cornish connections, and probably exactly the same can be said about jobs and pay in Dorset...... 

Anyway, back to Callington, Cornwall, plus a little bit of south-west Devon -

To quote from , "Callington – parish, hundred of East, Middle Division (*CRO, GHW/10/1/1, c.1830s, after 1759), contains 218 houses and 1321 inhabitants. The church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is a curacy to the rectory of Southill (Moule, 1838, p282) (CRO, TA/25, 1842) (Symons, 1884); Caluuitona, Calwetone, 1086; Calwinton, 1187; Calyton, 1306; Callington, 1759; Callington, Kellington, 1838; Callington, 1842, 1884."


Wesleyan Church, Callington, 1909

 This building still exists (or it did last time I looked !) as "West End Chapel", and I spent much time in this building in my youth, for various 'activities'.   As well as being the a  Methodist Chapel, it was also used as a 'teaching annexe' by local schools I attended, by the community for various events, and by some of my ancestors - who lived very close by in the 1800's up to the early 1900's - right back to it's very first origins.


Valentine's Series (?60416). Courtesy of David Thomas. 

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There are so many excellent links to pages about the area, with loads of photos, that I've listed a few below -

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On the right is an oratory Well and Chapel, built by monks in the 15th century, at Dupath, near Callington.  A spring rises under the chapel. It is renowned as a place to cure Whooping Cough !

Also said to be where a duel took place between Sir Colam and Gottlieb for the hand of a lady - both suitors died....... 


....... these links are very much "in progress", always ongoing - but all with some interesting content .......

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Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Band, c.1915    -    Image courtesy of